From the Office of Walter Pope: Emergency Esbat

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From the Office of Walter Pope: Emergency Esbat

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 25, 2014 4:52 pm

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-From the desk of Archbishop Pope-

Brothers and Sisters of the Sword of CAINE,

Given the events, and the decrees which came down following those events, that recently unfolded in Mexico City, it is by my right as your leader, and as a fellow free Sabbat, to call a gathering of an Esbat on March 8th,u 2014... As I understand it, many of you are already gather ing for the Rite of Monomacy between Bishop Sebastian and Frank Kennedy, and as the date was set upon the eve of the challenge without a specific time, I require that before the Sacrament takes place, I can take a few moments prior to address the city... Before you ask, no, this cannot wait.

I expect ALL free Sabbat currently residing in the city to be present for these announcements, as they come directly from Mexico City and the Regent himself...

For your time, I thank you,

Walter Pope
Archbishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh
Defender of the Faith

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Re: From the Office of Walter Pope: Emergency Esbat

Post by Kael on Sat Mar 01, 2014 12:10 am

Your esteemed excellency,

You are correct, no time was set for the Rite of Monomacy I am overseeing. Whenever you would like to address the sect as a whole is perfectly fine with myself since i will be preforming the ritual. I am very interested to hear what news come from the Regent himself all the way to Pittsburgh. I do hope for good news, but by the sound of your message sounds like not so good news. Either way, I would say this should be taken care of first thing at the Esbat to not interfere with any other plans for the evening.

Bishop Graves

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