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sorting it out.  Empty sorting it out.

Post by Alexis Eve on Wed Feb 26, 2014 11:30 am

Alexis paces back and forth in it's room, by now a slight wear spot on the wood has formed.
Murphy and Lacy and the others should be busy on one end and Rapha on his pet project. New bishop throwing Monomacy challenge first night in, it isn't even the one it classified as the warrior type. What of the other one? Did we put in a bishop that will stall, be inactive? It smashes its fist into the wall at the end of its walk.

"WHY the HELL am I worried?" It pauses at that thought. The idea of a unstable city, twisted at the mind of Alexis. Instability leaves us wide open for attacks. Seeing as currently, the carefully picked members of its pack, now being the largest and probably most functional, is in no way finished entrenching itself to defend just yet. This clearly isn't just bothering me, the last meeting the pack sensed it. Murphy, Lacy, even the newer ones picked up and responded. It decided to sit down at this point and go over its notes, light up a smoke in hopes old habits may help in this case. After some perusing, one thing stuck out most in its mind. "I need to pick a different name for this pack."
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