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Post by A Pimp Called Rapha on Thu Feb 27, 2014 12:54 am

Her penultimate sighs called softly on the kindling wind.  Her saintly eyes filling with tears, lifting with truth.  And then a golden flash like the onset of heaven leaving her screams breaking my heart, and in the grip of fire I knew the death of love.

The flames burst thru the windows of the condo in a shower of molten shards.  Rapha watched the responders try to corral the flames before they spread down the row of premium housing units.  He stayed longer then may be prudent, but he knew none of the cattle had the presence of mind to call their masters over a house fire and they had no chance to penetrate his cloak.

Such a waste.  True, the presence of the Setite priestess had made Rose a liability that could be used against him...but he hated to have to destroy a pawn he had expended assets on developing.  Just another debt that bitch will have to pay back.

With a sigh at time lost he started down the street pulling out his phone to set the meet, "Thierry.  How was the selection? Excellent, I need the best product that drug money and Africa's love of genocide can provide.  I do so appreciate the wondrous nature of humanity that causes the worst suffering among us to be the most willing to invest in the tools of pain and death instead of food or water.  Twenty minutes. Yes, I'm running late. Don't bother lecturing me on social niceties, you are my arms dealer not my father. Actually, he did teach me a great deal about manners. Thank you Sir for letting me join the milicia. Thank you Sir for teaching me that a man's worth is only measured by the men he has killed. And thank you Sir for being stupid enough to believe you were such a capo that I'd be too terrified of you to take your gun and paint the living room with your brains. Stop bitching! If I was threatening you I would never announce it to you, I'd just kill you...But then I'd have to find a new supplier and I really don't have the time. Fine, have a hit. And relax, you are going to make a killing possible tonight."
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