A Letter to His Lordship, Sir Frank Kennedy

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A Letter to His Lordship, Sir Frank Kennedy Empty A Letter to His Lordship, Sir Frank Kennedy

Post by Jordan Kael on Mon Jun 16, 2014 7:47 pm

Your Lordship, Sir Frank Kennedy,

It is with my humblest apologies that I am forced to inform you that I am unable to directly intercede on your behalf regarding the comatose children in the hospital. In an effort to strengthen my ability to serve the Sword of Caine, I am utilizing nearly all of my resources in placing myself as the chief candidate in the race for Mayor of Pittsburgh. There is much work involved in creating a new identity, and a searchable history that would appeal to the people of this city.

So, again, it with great sorrow that I must inform you that my work to strengthen myself for the future of the Sword has rendered me somewhat incapable at this current moment. I can tell you I am creating a fund to pay for the health expenses of these youths, which aides my public appearance and ensures they will live long enough until a satisfactory conclusion can be made regarding them.

In a consolation, that I pray you will accept, I had several allies, friends of our family, who I would be more than willing to place you in contact with. I would request that you not dispose of them unless you feel it absolutely necessary. They have been invaluable to me over the years. The choice, of course, is entirely yours and I would never presume to dictate how such an esteemed Son of the Father of Night should act. I have enclosed their contact information within this letter and taken the liberty of informing them to be ready to aid you in your endeavors. I thank you, sir.

All in the glory of the Sword of Caine, may it always strike true, and never dull until it's purpose has come to an end,

Your servant,

Archibald Grimaldi

[TL:DR - Hey, Kevin, I'm loaning you 3 point of Allies.]
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