War Party regarding the Setite preistess

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War Party regarding the Setite preistess Empty War Party regarding the Setite preistess

Post by Kael on Thu Jul 31, 2014 3:22 pm

As it was brought into question last Esbat before his excellency Walter Pope, the War Party in regards to The elder Setite priestess who escaped our wrath will be honored. The pack who captures the Setite priestess will be granted her soul as reward for their victory in the War Party.

I am currently tracking her position and will have more information very soon for the Sword to move upon. If there are any questions about the War Party please direct them to myself as I am the one who is presiding over the ritual.

May Caine's fury guide our claws and blades on this War Party,
Bishop Graves

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War Party regarding the Setite preistess Empty Re: War Party regarding the Setite preistess

Post by A Pimp Called Rapha on Sat Aug 09, 2014 1:26 pm

"Dread bishop! May I humbly suggest a new course? We should not bother with tracking the priestess herself, any information we would find will be no more than a lie wrapped in a deceit." Raphael begins to motion in concentric circles that grow ever smaller around one hand like the spirals of a labyrinth (or the layers of an electron to you science Sucks). "You want the creamy center but simply looking in from afar will never show you the way to gain entrance once you have entered the layers. All you will find wandering inside is the path she wishes you to follow; and that leads inevitably to Final Death, or worse"

His hand slipping back to the outside of the circle he continues, "The outer layers are no use to you either. These human pawns and fresh created Licks don't even realize they are placed so that their destruction will warn their master that someone approaches. They are the easiest to control, but too likely to be plants and too barren in power or knowledge to be of worth as a weapon against her."

He moves to closer to his stantionary palm, other hand now circling slowly within the last few layers of the imagined labyrinth like a shark around prey, "This is where the opportunity lies. Her lieutenants. These she gives enough authority that they can do as they like as long as it serves her ends. They are close to her and know how to access her through her protections. And often enough they want her power and prestige in the clan and this can be used to manipulate them into betrayal."
A Pimp Called Rapha
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