Lacey's Never-Ending Battle

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Lacey's Never-Ending Battle Empty Lacey's Never-Ending Battle

Post by Jordan Kael on Fri Aug 08, 2014 4:55 pm

What? What the hell is that noise?

You wake up with a start, ever vigilant, never getting a proper day’s sleep. Is everything where you left it? Hmm, no blood anywhere this time. No one trying to go through the wrong door. You check everyone’s rooms. Everyone seems fine, although, Alfred and Raphael are tossing about a lot. But what the hell is that damn noise?

There’s an awful lot of scratching though. Is that at the door? Let’s just take a look on the monitors, maybe it’s that raccoon again looking for some blood. It is not. That’s a lot of bodies. You count around three dozen lumbering, half decayed corpses, all clawing for the door. Thankfully, none of them were velociraptors, because they can’t get the door to work. They claw at it with all their strength until their hands fall apart.

You get a bucket of popcorn, and a bucket to vomit said popcorn into, and sit down at the monitor watching the scene. It’s like black Friday at a Walmart, but in slow motion, and less fat people. It continues for hours, until just before the sun sets, when the last corpse ceases to be ambulatory. Leaving behind a massive pile and oozing viscous humors under the door.

Now that the entertainment’s over, you know what to do.
Jordan Kael
Jordan Kael

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Lacey's Never-Ending Battle Empty Re: Lacey's Never-Ending Battle

Post by AC-Lacy on Fri Aug 08, 2014 7:17 pm

"Well, that just happened."  Lacy says to himself as he looks down into his bucket.  He walks over to each of his packmate's personal rooms and closes the latch that lightly locks the door, as well as sliding a 'occupied' sign on the inside of the room.  -They should all be sleeping for at best another hour, but I hope they respect my calling card by now- thinking to himself as he suits up.

Large Yellow Raincoat w/Matching Hat - check
Legs Covered in Hefty Trashbags - check
Paddington Bear-style Galoshes - check
Brown Generic Dishwashing Gloves - check
Bright Red Snow Shovel - check
Plastic Barrels colored Green, Blue, and Yellow - check.

"Ah, nothing like a hard dusk's work" he claps his hands together mispronouncing "itadakimasu" and betraying his mastery of the Japanese language.  Humming to himself the sorting process begins "Blue is for bones, Yellow for meat, and Green for other" escapes melodically as he goes about his task.  Before long there are 2 barrels of each color full.  

Dragging the two blue barrels down into the further reaches of the cave, he starts to lie the bones down on a bed of sand.  Carefully then he covers them further in the dry sand and turn on a few heat lamps.  "I'm gonna be really unhappy with the guys at Jake's  Bones if that doesn't work".  Checking on the small vats of Hydrogen Peroxide, and the bleached bones within.  "Hrm, last batch went well...Lexi will love this".

He returns up to the remaining slick of viscera and juices.  "It puts the lotion on it's skin, or it gets the hose again" and stares at the mess.  

After about 5 minutes, Lacy starts to hook up the garden hose to the ramshackle plumbing that leads into the mine system.  "I paid this guy good money, I sure hope the pressure holds.... and never let it be said that I don't respect the dead.  I gave them plenty of time to say 'please, Mr Davis, don't wash away my stomach contents with the hose'... what did I get?  Nothing."  

The hour ends as he begins to spray away the rest of the scene.  Plenty of time for other denizens of this den of douchbaggery to wake from their slumber.


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Lacey's Never-Ending Battle Empty Re: Lacey's Never-Ending Battle

Post by A Pimp Called Rapha on Sat Aug 09, 2014 9:52 am

Raphael awakens late, there is no reason to rush a pleasant dream. Too often other Cainites forget that one must feel pain and despair before victory is realized. The playthings had shown him their weakness tonight. The strong do not try and instill fear, they are simply strong and know that fear will follow them like a cloak billowing in the wake of their passing. Only one within this city would be so weak and yet be so desperate to show him that they would seem mighty. And so foolish as think a Serpent's heart could be found within his chest.

After donning some fine clothes colored just so to express his goals to the Orichas he finally emerged to join the pack in the hunt. "My dear brothers and sisters. It seems that the opening gambit is spent and it is time for the pieces of worth to begin to fall. It is time to set a sacrifice that will draw our opponent into setting up our victory."

Another vision lay hazily over the world around him. A smokey memory of fire and writhing bodies, full of the Orichas' blessings. He watched the interplay of motion waiting for the moment to make the push that would set the endgame in motion.
A Pimp Called Rapha
A Pimp Called Rapha

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Lacey's Never-Ending Battle Empty Re: Lacey's Never-Ending Battle

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