I believe Introductions are in order...

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I believe Introductions are in order... Empty I believe Introductions are in order...

Post by Zero_Llama on Thu Sep 04, 2014 1:21 pm

Many of you within Pittsburgh have met me. I feel its time to reveal my purpose within this city. My mortal name is Rodger, I have gone by others. I am an Angel of Caine and a branded member of the Black Hand. I represent the interests of the Black Hand in this region and will work along with the leaders of this city to see that they are met. We are a battle ground and the complete lack of effectiveness by this city and some of its packs and individual members thereof is disturbing. You consistently make life more difficult for yourselves and behave has human children weilding Caine's gifts. Many of you are not worthy of those gifts. I hope you can make better use of them in the future or it will be me who reclaims that blood in the name of Caine.

But, I have gone off topic. The purpose of this address is to inform you all, the Sword of Caine, that there now exists a truce between the Sabbat and The Victory Church on rt19. We shall not attack the people, vampires nor the holdings of anyone within. And they will act the same in turn. I warn anyone from even going there on personal business as if it goes badly this will be an attack. I have spoken with Archbishop Pope and he assured me the Sabbat will uphold the code of Milian and support the Black Hand. Any who violate this truce will make an enemy of those at Victory Church for the city and put the sect at risk. And we have enough to worry about with out that. Penalty for violating this agreement and thus violating the code will be final death.


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I believe Introductions are in order... Empty Re: I believe Introductions are in order...

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 12, 2014 2:38 pm

As Rodger has said, he has spoken with me on this and, given the amount of threats currently facing the city, I believe this is a necessary ceasefire while we deal with our other issues...

May it be said that anyone openly attacking Victory Family Church, its holdings, or its congregation will be immediately viewed as their unlife being forfeit...

Archbishop W.P.

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