Attention Brother's and Sisters

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Attention Brother's and Sisters Empty Attention Brother's and Sisters

Post by Ber4798 on Tue Oct 14, 2014 11:58 pm

You read this message on a piece of fancy parchment paper, found in the few places, other than the cathedral we have held S-bat before. Note there is clearly a faint covering of jasper on the parchment and if you really give it a second look, occult markings on the boarders

Attention Brothers and Sisters,
Are you ready to find out the true secrets of the Universe? Are you feed up with only some of us controlling the fundamental energies of existence ? Well fret no longer. Our very own master of the occult and supernal is now giving classes to you the local heroes of our city. Theoretical classses are now being held at your local lore house. For more information please call ***-***-**** leave a message and one of my lovely assistance will get back you for the when in where. Remember be there or be left behind. Serious Inquiries only.

Note to reader, the provider of this service is not held responsible for any damages inflicted for attempting to remove this poster. " Note parchement is warded vs Ghouls, vampires, and spirits

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