Sometimes - history needs a push.

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Sometimes - history needs a push. Empty Sometimes - history needs a push.

Post by Corock on Sat Jan 31, 2015 7:07 am

By order of me, one of the Bishops of your city, I demand you to stop being spoiled children.

I hear the cries of, "where is our blood?" and "why are there so many hunters?" and I answer that your previous Bishops have allowed you to be stupid.

See how i can be kind? How instead of blaming some of you for your excess and spoiled behavior I allow us all to say it was their fault! How those idiots failed us all!


I hope that's out of all of our systems now, because we need to change.

We are not Camarilla dogs, we do not hide behind a Masquerade, but we are also not Camarilla dogs because we are smart.

We keep the silence of the blood because we still need to feed. Mass killings and blatant acts of our nature lead to the sect suffering.

We need to be strong.

And so I must say, that while many of you have stepped up in recent nights, i must ask you to go further. There must be no more mass killings or grand displays of our power. In the end it is shameful to begin with. Crushing an ant or ripping the wings of a butterfly mean nothing, because the insect cannot understand what you do. Rise above and face the enemies we have.

Follow the code and defeat our enemies.

And in case you think this was a kind request, let it be known that any unjustified mass killing or failing in sect security will result in a Wild Hunt. Five fucking separate hunter groups are targeting us. Three are mortal some backed by god himself, One a changing kind, and the last a large group of wraiths that seek our destruction. This doesn't even account for the fact that despite my attempts to lift the curfew they have failed because at every turn we give the mortals more reason enforce them.

Hate me if you wish, but follow my words and you will be well fed and not have to worry about simple things like hunters. These ideas are not complicated and your previous Bishops have failed you.

I will not.



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Sometimes - history needs a push. Empty Re: Sometimes - history needs a push.

Post by MoonlightIbis on Mon Feb 09, 2015 11:22 pm

I agree with your reasoning Your Excellency. I understand that some people have needs for more deaths, but in this time of trials such flamboyancy should not be allowed. I appreciate your structure in this troubling time.
- Faye Smith


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Sometimes - history needs a push. Empty Re: Sometimes - history needs a push.

Post by A Pimp Called Rapha on Thu Feb 12, 2015 9:40 pm


Are you perhaps speaking of using sublety? Of acting as though you are not fresh from the ground still stinking of earth? Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the fine tradition of the Pittsburgh Bishop-pricks.

Here using invisible flame to consume a building is considered less alarming than fires kine can see. It is considered the height of leadership to "ambush" enemies by punching through the floors of public buildings. Gathering near dangerous infernal artifacts is considered bravery and volcanoes and catastrophic losses are considered shock and awe.

It may (or not) surprise you how few of these events transpired with participation from my pack...or with members acting under my direction in any event. You can ask Alfred for a fine story about my feelings on acting with foolish impulse, it will lack for embellishments unless he has regained the use of his hand as yet, however.

I think it likely that many in the city and even several who are in my own pack consider how Lacey and I ruled to be cynical and cruel, but it has kept us effective where so many other packs have failed, broken and faltered. So too must it be with those who seek to lead the city.

If you wish the Sword to act with the cunning of the predators Sabbat are meant to be, I stand in firm support.

(OOC: This is an aside spoken to Mordecai alone unless someone wants to claim to listen with an appropriate power): But the Ducti of the city must also ask of you in return. If you are to be "Bishop Mordecai", be so, do not qualify yourself by comparison to the history of failures not worthy of mention by the Sword. Do not ask the Sabbat to act like cainites, tell them this is how it will be, the worthy will comply....and the foolish will meet Final Death. It was not merely sense that your predecessors lacked, it was also the strength to lead. Show the rest of the city what it means to be True Sabbat and the Ducti and Templars will see it done.
A Pimp Called Rapha
A Pimp Called Rapha

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Sometimes - history needs a push. Empty Re: Sometimes - history needs a push.

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