the doom that came to pittsburgh

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the doom that came to pittsburgh Empty the doom that came to pittsburgh

Post by Corock on Sat Mar 21, 2015 7:17 am

(OOC this is is from my pack priest, he asked me to post this.)

like hp lovecraft wrote in "the doom that came to sarnath" long have my childer and i foresaw the doom that came to pittsburgh.

on a pale horse did the rider come. bearing pleasantries and titles. seeking for us to abandon the ideals that made us SABBAT. an urge to worship and bow and pander to our elders, in exchange for comforts. what need have we for comforts? we that have lived through the terrors of world wars, we that have thrived whilst those around us have turned to dust. we that only have bonds of blood to one another, as equals, and not to those that would use us in their own selfish jihads.

i have seen in the swirling maelstrom of fate what could be. if the bonds hold, the bonds of member to member, equal to equal, then we stand strong as a city.

but when those of us cower in our own domain against outside forces, that assail us with dowries and promises of a figment peace that would not be in question if not for the actions of the very instigators that offer us such, and we separate the very thing that should be unified, all kinder under the sword of caine, all is lost.

remember children what we were made for

the holy war against our enemies

and all that would seek to subjugate us are surely our foes


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