Death of Moncada?

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Death of Moncada? Empty Death of Moncada?

Post by Corock on Mon Mar 23, 2015 5:19 am

Free Sabbat of the world,
My brothers and Sisters,

Rarely is my heart so filled with both joy and sadness.

The False Regent, the creature wearing the face of our once beloved Cardinal Moncada
has been killed. Many of his loyal soldiers were turned to ash. Rejoice that Caines own children battled and bested this....entity. It was no Cainite, as was shown to the collected forces that clashed with it.

To those forces still loyal to Moncada, both the Legions, and with in the Order of StBlaise; I ask you now to lay down your arms. You served the memory of Moncada, and in doing so, served a monster, an other worldly creature. Your cause has been shown to be in vain. lay down your arms, and repent, that no more Sabbat blood be spilled in vain.

Many True Sabbat perished this night, defending our Freedom. I am still gathering reports on the wounded, and those destroyed. I will grant all that information once I have it all; you should know the names of those that fought here for you. I do know that my friend and ally, Archbishop Alvara, died this evening, sacrificing himself to finish the beast.

I will also dismiss the rumor that Cardinal Polonia has been captured or killed. I dined with him myself in the ruins of Mexico City.

I applaud all those who stood with us in Boston this night.
Know that you have my respect.

Jorska Illyonovitch-Grimaldi
Bishop of New York
Ductus of Midnight Progeny
Free Sabbat


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Death of Moncada? Empty Re: Death of Moncada?

Post by Corock on Thu Mar 26, 2015 4:50 pm

Fellow Cainites,
Do not let down your guard. Those of you whom I have spoken to about preparing the city for an assault should continue to prepare. We should all be vigilant in these upcoming nights. Just because this terrible business has been seemingly settled, does not mean there will not be ripples and possible retaliation from the Legion. We can hope all we want that this business is done, but it would be imprudent not to prepare for the worst. In any case, preparing the city for an outside assault is good practice. There may come a day when we must defend ourselves from an outside source, let us pray to Caine however that it is not against our Brother's and Sister's in the future.



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