Words of Redemption and Condemnation

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Words of Redemption and Condemnation Empty Words of Redemption and Condemnation

Post by A Pimp Called Rapha on Sat Aug 01, 2015 11:31 am

Brothers and Sisters:

I have spoken to many about the battle against the Demons of the so called "Victory" Church.  In the end it was a mighty victory...for the Sword!  Praise Caine!

But it almost was not so.  There was one whose cowardice nearly cost the unlives of better, braver Cainites.  I speak of Maximillion of the Lasombra.  Sad as it is that those of a clan that founded our Sabbat continue to bring shame to our diocese.

This "brother" laid down a shroud of darkness amongst us and the enemy.  Rather than take advantage of his position he used this to flee from battle and left Cainites of the Sabbat to fight on in his place hindered by this pathetic waste of Caine's gifts of the Blood.

Though ducti such as Cornelius and myself could fight on, merely annoyed by this foolishness, others paid with their lives.  Faye was nearly driven into torpor and her ghoul Rachel Bratovitch accepted destruction, bravely, to avoid carrying taint into the Sword.  A death that proved her more worthy of the Blood for she accepted her duty to the Sword even unto destruction.  The fool did not even consider that his actions would prevent three of the diocese' most skilled users in the arts of control of the mind and emotions from bringing their Blood to bear.

Whether through weakness of the spirit or darker intention, these actions brought harm to the Sword to benefit the cowardice of a single Cainite.  I have spoken to the Archbishop and he agrees that such cannot stand within his city.  He has accepted my Respected advice that Maximillion be named Dangerous until there is proof that he values the Sword's cause more than his own unlife.

For standing in a fight with little hope her skills could find her victory because her loyalty to pack and the Sword demanded it of her Faye Smith should be recognised for her dedication to the Sabbat.  (OOC:  Feared as Ductus for Dedicated)

Templar to Archbishop Walter Pope
Ductus of Auspicious Consumption
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