"The Wizard of Auschwitz"

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"The Wizard of Auschwitz" Empty "The Wizard of Auschwitz"

Post by Ber4798 on Sun Sep 13, 2015 12:18 pm

A new book series hit the shelves recently, apparently a unmade Stanley Kubrick Classic (Yes kids look this up, this existed in the real world) has found a new medium. A series of young Adult books, based on the wonderful adventures of Heimlich von Tremere, a young wizard that must save his school and humanity from the horrible plans of the evil Camilla and her inferior blooded minions, the Gews. The lost intellectual property was found and funded by Pennsylvania owns Pyramid Paper and Plastic. The foreword of the book has a quote from their CEO (easily found name from google) " For the children, For their racial purity, for the true race".

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