The Flesh is Strong but the Soul is Weak

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The Flesh is Strong but the Soul is Weak Empty The Flesh is Strong but the Soul is Weak

Post by A Pimp Called Rapha on Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:05 pm

Brothers and Sisters!

I have heard from many of you feelings that the packs of the city are fractious and that this has weakened us. If this were only whining about healthy competition it would not be tolerated; however, I have noted few times where our priests have countered with council, or resolved issues with the Ritae. It can only be determined then that the soldiers of our diocese are strong but, like many armies left as shattered footnotes in history, they lack hearts filled with singular purpose. I have decided to grant you all the chance to resolve this.

I will in short order be hosting Games of Instinct. These will help you to form strong bonds of pack fraternity while allowing for any inter-pack issues to be "addressed" without loss to the Sword. Be warned, each will contain objectives beyond the obvious.

In preparation for these Ritae I will require each pack to advise me which members of the diocese they claims as members and who should be considered Ductus and Priest. You may wish to include a note of your pack's name unless you would prefer to simply be "those Sabbat that follow...whoever". Horsemen, I will determine how you may contribute according to the number present.

Rejoice Pittsburgh! Though you will be thrust into the fires and some may fall as ash, the Sword that emerges will be tempered and true!

Bishop of Pittsburgh
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