Patrolling and Marking

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Patrolling and Marking Empty Patrolling and Marking

Post by Razor Greene on Wed Jun 26, 2013 10:50 pm

He circled high above the streets cloaked from sight by the powers of his blood. The keen sight granted to him by the eyes of the raven allowed him to see the street clearly even from such a height. He settled on a fence in Davis Park and looked around the neighborhood. They really had taken responsibility for a wide range of socioeconomic classes and neighborhoods, but he was confident in their ability to watch out for the area - especially if some of the other members from other chapters rolled in to help out.

He shook his corvidae head as he thought, It's too pristine around here...

He took to wings to continue south across the river after briefly stopping and transforming back into a man to place a small tag on the side of a mailbox; a piece of graffiti that could be found throughout the diamond (that area that the pack claimed) that looked like a segmented rattlesnake with fangs extended.
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