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Post by Tama's Gr'y on Mon Aug 11, 2014 2:57 pm

After departing from the others company, Tama's retires to the caravans for a good days rest.
Awakening at sunset, her already hears the music of the kumpania' playing outside. He enjoys having his family close like this it keeps him calm amidst the chaos to hear the laughter of his great great grandchildren and other kin. They accept him as their protector and they look to him as their patriarch. All is well in the evening til one of the young lads tells Tama's that his great grand niece has gone missing. Tama's immediately picks up the trail and begins to follow. The scent of blood is in the air as he follows her trail into the innermost portions of the city. Turning down into an alley her trips over something, looking down her discovers it is Esmeria's shoe. Fearing the worst he quickens his pace.
A scream pierces the night as he turns yet another corner in this concrete jungle. In front of him stand three figures ripping at Esmeria's dress. "Now boys that's no way to treat a lady. Don't you know where there's one Rroma there's plenty more?" Using his power of chimeristry. He conjures up thirty or so Rroma armed to the teeth rounding the corner behind the assailants. As they turn to face the perceived greater threat Tama's draws his sword from his cane and skips forward whistling an old folk song from his youth. Her makes quick work of the first 2 men who just weren't quick enough to not be flayed alive. The 3rd though something was different, he was able to dodge the strikes whenever they came. Stepping back to give this man a once over while he tangled with the illusions revealed him to be ghouled. "Lets have some fun," Tama's puts away his sword and pulls out his signature deck of cards. "My card is,...... Lets see Jack of hearts not a bad fella I might say. And now for you.... 8 of spades, oh bad luck my friend, time to die." Tama's reaches into the targets mind and creates an anurisym inside the poor saps brain instantly crumpling him to the ground. "See that's what you get when you think with your cock. Tama's checks on Esmeria whom he tells to wait around the corner. He pulls his sword and proceeds to castrate the man and then proceeds to leave the removed genitals inside the mans mouth "That's the last time youll think to spoil my bloodline. And with that Tama's begins to feed off the other would be rapists. "A fitting end to the night, let us return ,Esmeria, I am eager for the dancing musics of your father." With that they make their way back to the caravans to celebrate her safe return.
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