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Post by Corock on Thu Jan 01, 2015 8:45 pm

OOC i think everyone should e-mail their statsus and levels of influence to Fish "The Dan Dills" or Jordan "Th Stop looking there you'll die" Jhonson, because we all wanna be above board when the real Census comes and I think it will make it easier for them. And this comes not from being a narrator or a bishop but from being a player in a Pittsburgh chapter that has already been told we were way too rough/Brazilian/unorganized for OWBN. So they may think we are still way too cool to be part of their organization, but this time we can at least show up for the interview sober.
And with Papers.
Papers please?
Please get that reference or I will feel way old.

I would at this point give out the e-mails of our valiant ST's, but since I don't know if the ones they gave me are real then I will give you mine and then forward them.
My e-mail is also good for any in character responses to my post.
Good day Sir.,.....
i said good day!


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