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Post by BrandonS on Wed Jun 26, 2013 5:10 pm

Shark didn't really know the city yet. Fortunately, running off instinct led him through the streets well enough. He thought, "guess it’s same city different shit." Then he examined the bundle of fuses in his hand and continued, "or maybe same city, same shit... fuckin Lasombra."

    Shark was downtown letting the kine do what they do best, ignore the truth, as he attempted to find his target. He'd already left the burnt up evidence near the PNC incident. The sheep needed an excuse for at least some of what happened that night. Questions demand answers and Shark was willing to fabricate a few. He donned a mask, pulled out a lighter, and willed his presence to be known even as he stepped into an alley to conceal it. Once lit it doesn't take long for thick black clouds to start pouring forth from the "Dynasmoke" sticks in his left hand.

    Strolling out onto the sidewalk Shark begins waving the smoke bombs back and forth like an exterminator. The people are surprised at first, avoiding the smoke but disregarding it as a joke. The smoke grows thick and blinding, not quite an inky blackness but an ok substitute. Then someone makes the mistake of walking through. It's just a couple stab wounds, a scream, and a quick crouch to grab their wallet before panic starts. Shark takes the time to pour some smoke into oncoming traffic before he drops the smoke bombs and runs off.

Later, in a shitty motel room, Shark flips through the channels. He occasionally waits for the black box of closed captioning to appear before he continues on. It's hard to hear over the screaming and begging of his dinner date. He thinks, "shame the only person that can hear doesn't care," and smiles. He leans down and places the tip of a dagger on her chest. She quiets and stares up at him. Her neck continues to weep blood onto the plastic picnic blanket they rest on. A thought occurs and Shark indulges. He balances the blade and spins it like a top. Of course, she moves ruining the effect and causing Shark to lean down for the kiss. There's no ecstasy. Instead she pulls away. Agony making her attempt to rip out her own jugular. He takes a little blood but keeps her conscious. Then he attempts his trick again. It fails but only because the knife digs as it spins. " To sharp, oh well... good girl." He bites the tip of his finger, places it in her mouth, and returns his attention to the TV. After flipping through the channels some more he has an epiphany. He returns his attention to the girl and says,"what channel is the local news?"

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