A Hunter on De Udda Side

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A Hunter on De Udda Side

Post by A Pimp Called Rapha on Mon Mar 21, 2016 12:58 pm

Brothers and Sisters:

I will say this only once so pay close attention. Or don't if you have tired of unlife.

There is hunter beyond the reality most of you accept. It is both potent and ancient, though by the grace of Caine for now it is separate from us. It may be on the other side of existence for now but it grows in capability with every feeding.

If you see the mark of the owl and the runes around it be wary. If it finds you it will tear the weak veils that protect the feeble minded from the horrors of worlds beyond on our own. There will be nothing of you but a trail of ash and tattered pieces of what passes for our corrupt souls to mark the path by which its tendril dragged you through existence into its maw.

I you fail to heed this warning I will not mourn your passing. The Sword will be better off for you to have removed yourself from our ranks.
A Pimp Called Rapha
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Re: A Hunter on De Udda Side

Post by Toshi on Tue Apr 12, 2016 7:45 pm

Intriguing. I wonder if we have met.

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