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Drying off Empty Drying off

Post by FrankKennedy on Tue Oct 15, 2013 5:02 pm

Frank walked into his haven thoroughly soaked. The wetness was only tolerable since his hunch had been correct, and the swim proven necessary. Elder vampire riddles, clues, telepathy, and cellphones wrapped cellophane; these had been the obstacles of his evening. He was glad that his education included classical literature, otherwise the road to unnecessary wetness would have been paved with good intentions. As it was, things had gone better than expected.

The former deacon was unwilling or unable to help with the current situations other than to offer advice. "Who do I trust to lead?" Frank mused to himself as he changed into dry attire. Toady had vouched for Vergil for Bishop, though Frank had doubts concerning anyone from SoL, Crazy Donkey Punch, or Chop Shop after the last game of instinct/wild hunt. Although, that sort of infighting was most likely fostered by Desantes. Only TYMT had shown any honor. Sabastian seemed capable as a priest. Perhaps the advice of stepping forward himself was a proper route.

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Drying off Empty Re: Drying off

Post by Toady on Mon Oct 28, 2013 11:28 pm

Frank recieves a text on the burner phone:

"A team is in place, investigating known locations of the betr..."
"ayer... sending at least one of them into the city on th..."
"e 9th... Call an Esbat..."

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