Chess and Shadows... (Nathan Graves)

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Chess and Shadows... (Nathan Graves) Empty Chess and Shadows... (Nathan Graves)

Post by Kael on Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:35 am

November 20th, 2:46am

Nathan sits in his black velvet armchair behind a desk in his haven. The pulse of heavy music echoing from another room, his licks the blood from the edge of his goblet and sets it on the desk. Resting his hand on his chin, he overlooks a map of the Greater Pittsburgh Area, his new domain and seat of power as bishop.  "So this is how it all worked out...." Nathan chuckles and moves the dust aside from a crushed black bishop piece from a chess set over where the battle with Desantes went down. "One falls... Two rise... Acceptable odds... "

The candles burn low beside Nathan as the wax grips onto the desk from there length of burning. "And now.... This one poses a threat..." Nathan pick up a black king piece and and grins at it, the shadows cutting off just under his eyes to obscure his face. "I'll end you if you cross me.... Keep your threats to yourself, you dont know the capibilites of my reach..." Nathan picks up the other Bishop piece and smiles ""Well played for now... Please, do still be useful to me..." Nathan's shadow lurches from under his desk and shatters two pawns "You will be next.... If you continue on your current arrogant accolades....."

Nathan looks at his phone on the desk "Guess its time to find more knights...." Nathan presses his contacts over the name F.K.

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