Eyes in the City

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Eyes in the City Empty Eyes in the City

Post by Saheid on Sun Jul 07, 2013 6:36 am

Saheid wondered the streets among the tall buildings. His mission forced him to leave the protected grounds of Sons of Liberty but the only thing that mattered was fulfilling the task he agreed to. For to Saheid nothing mattered more then keeping his word, He would even kill the innocents on the street if sparing them would impede him.

He looked down a dark ally and thought to himself, "That's as good as any place to search."

Saheid made sure no one was around before using the gifts of his blood to vanish, these gifts were invaluable when you had to hide your mission from others.

"Remember", he thought to himself, "this will be easy compared to the work you will do when you are accepted to the Hand. This is only a reconnaissance mission it shouldn't even result in a fight unless things go south."

Saheid was eager to do all that he could to continue to prove himself and his pack to the Hand and the Bishop.

As he moved down the ally he noticed a man hiding in the shadows and wondered at what this man was planing.

After a few minutes Saheid determined that this wasn't anyone of interest and left the human to his own devices. "Humans, they aren't worthy enough, they need to be better." He thought.

He glanced at the nights sky and noted that the sun would rise soon and started headed back to SoL territory.

Saheid kept a quick pace while he thought of the repeated nights where he wasn't able to gleam anything, "Another night wasted... If it is true what I was told they are craftier then I gave them credit for... Or more likely just not as active as I'd like."

Maybe tomorrow night he'd take a more direct approach.

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