A letter to the Sword of Pittsburgh: Ecumenical Council

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A letter to the Sword of Pittsburgh: Ecumenical Council

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 14, 2014 2:15 pm

Brothers and sisters,

Due to a series of unfortunate events over the last two months, I will not be able to pull myself away from the goings on of our city to attend the Ecumenical Council being held in Brazil at the end of this month.  I refuse to allow our city to go unrepresented at these proceedings, therefore I require a respectable front to be sent down to this most needed of forums as to allow Pittsburgh to have a voice.  I would like to know who plans on attending, and what their plans are for the event.  There are a number of things I'd like answers to and for that, the correct questions must be raised.  I'll be reachable here, and through the normal methods...


Archbishop Walter Pope

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Re: A letter to the Sword of Pittsburgh: Ecumenical Council

Post by FrankKennedy on Tue Apr 15, 2014 2:54 pm

Your excellency,

I plan to attend the Ecumenical Council. One of my primary interests concerns the paradigm shift in the Sword's viewpoint on the Path of Lilith. Other concerns have crossed my mind, however. Should you wish me to inquire about any of your concerns, I am of course, willing to do so.

Frank Kennedy

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