Fine Young Cannibals Leadership (open to pack members/probationary pack members only)

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Fine Young Cannibals Leadership (open to pack members/probationary pack members only)

Post by Alexendra Dubrov on Sun Jan 04, 2015 9:39 pm

(each member would have received a hand written invitation to meet at the haven on 1/4/15 at 12 am. As you enter the main living area you see all the seating has been moved into a circle around a large goblet in the center. there would  also be several unconscious humans as refreshment in the corner
Alexandra smiled at all her pack mates "My friends so glad you came i'm afraid that we have found ourselves in a slight... dilemma. First let me say i am in no way say his excellency Mordicia's ascension is not wonderful or well deserved. But it does leave with a vacancy... why i have asked you all here is because i know we have lost a few friends with Mordicia's ascension, But those of us who remain must not let it allow us to became complainscant. His excellence created a machine with this pack that furthered the Sabbat's goals. I want nothing more than for that to continue... So to that point i would take the title of Ductus so we may continue his excellencies legacy as strong unified front!" as she completes the sentance she slices open her wrist over the goblet. "Please join me in reunifying this pack so we may move forward and all who oppose the sword!" setting the goblet on the table in the center she motion for them to join her.
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