New meets Old (OPEN) [07/12/13]

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New meets Old (OPEN) [07/12/13]

Post by Mr. Heart on Fri Jul 12, 2013 1:59 am

He stood on the steps of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History speaking with the assistant director of collections. it was a small exchange on philanthropy and the benefits of a museum gala even to get the swing of summer going. A portfolio was handed off to the official and the meeting concluded with a firm handshake. "I'll be seeing you again, Dr. Rawlins. Good night."

The men parted and he descended the stairs. As he approached the sidewalk he paused and took a look around. Patting the breast pockets of his suit jacket (he wore it over a designer graphic t-shirt which was accompanied by designer jeans and expensive Italian leather shoes) he eventually retrieved the pack of Nat Sherman brand cigarettes and a vintage, sterling silver Zippo lighter. He lit one for the taste of the tobacco and nothing else. Enjoying the light of the moon he strolled to a nearby bench and took a seat.

After a while he started, a Capella, halfway through Lupe Fiasco's verse on a Wale song:

"Caught up in the game now
Look at how we came out like olly olly oxen free
That ain't why they watchin' me, yeah, yeah
Poor decider since like 4, 5 or sugar coated, colored edibles
Instead of buildin' up a habit in them vegetables
Now early 30s, my blood pressure's incredible
Medical, yeah nigga I'm tellin' you
Coveting cars over community
Rappers influence your shootin' sprees
Turn around and publish bars like it ain't got shit to do with me
Easy to record so ruthlessly

Rich niggas makin' poor decisions"

A few glances were given to the young, white, well dressed, well to do man sitting on a bench at night and a few people he stopped to listen for a moment. He wasn't bad at all. In fact, he had some talent.
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