Bud and "The Face" (July 2018)

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Bud and "The Face" (July 2018) Empty Bud and "The Face" (July 2018)

Post by SSmith on Wed Aug 01, 2018 7:43 am

James "Bud" McElroy and James "Jimmy" Tiberio, AKA "Jimmy the Face", took illegal bets. That is to say, they did the grunt work for someone much wealthier and more connected than themselves who took illegal bets. Why Tiberio was "Jimmy" while McElroy was not was a mystery to everyone around them. Conventions of nicknaming notwithstanding, both were decent enough at what they did - which primarily involved collecting money and dispensing beatings to those whose money, for whatever reason, could not be collected. It was a simple vocation best seen to by simple men, which made the Jameses ideal for it.

Dagon had been keeping a bulbous eye on them for some time, having determined that sending both men scrambling to disappear would be a matter of timing more than heavy-handed meddling, and the vampire's intuition proved correct one Sunday evening when the pair was very drunk and decidedly relaxed. Having completed the evening's collections (and a smattering of beatings, which always spiced up an otherwise dull work day), they found themselves with a little time before they would be expected to report in, and had declared that brief recess to be Miller Time. At this point, for Dagon, sowing chaos was as simple as clouding the mortals' minds and walking away with the money.

Of course, there was always the possibility that the collectors' employer was more reasonable a man than is typical of his ilk. Therefore, leaving nothing to chance, Dagon induced one of its servants to purchase various oddments - fine liquor and tobacco, a modest car, orders for fresh siding and windows on a home - all in the names of the chosen two. Thus, even should they cancel and return every such purchase in a timely fashion, it would appear only that they had suffered an impulse toward greed followed by panicked remorse - a distinction that was likely to matter little to anyone willing to employ legbreakers to collect on illegal gambling debts.

Dagon never discovered what the small-pond kingpin would have done to those who, at least to all outward appearances, were brazen enough to rip him off. Interested parties intercepted the pair attempting somewhat clumsily to secure passage out of the country, and from there it was out of Dagon's webbed hands. C'est la vie. Mission accomplished.

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