Roy Boy (October 2018 - Special Halloween Episode)

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Roy Boy (October 2018 - Special Halloween Episode) Empty Roy Boy (October 2018 - Special Halloween Episode)

Post by SSmith on Tue Nov 13, 2018 4:23 am

The young humans had been regular visitors to Dagon's domain for months, having discovered the entrance to a tomb-like chamber at the furthest edge of the vampire's territory. They'd gather there to smoke, drink, shoot up, fuck, and every other thing teenagers do in places like that. Dagon had even tolerated the graffiti. It wasn't until the "vampire party" that it decided to make them one of its "special projects".

The party was offensive to Dagon on every level. The kids had decorated the chamber with all the trappings of pop gothic indulgence - candles, bones, velvet curtains - and had come dressed in the ugliest goth couture Hot Topic had to offer. They blasted "dad music" - Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Concrete Blonde - and had a good laugh. They chugged absinthe. The boldest among them even cut themselves and tasted each other's blood. For Dagon, that was the final straw.

Dagon slipped invisibly into the chamber, pausing only to shudder with disgust before reaching out almost casually to collapse the entrance - and only exit. The noise of the collapse barely registered with the drunken teens, but the shaking was sufficient to disrupt the speakers and momentarily stop the music. The candles went out. They didn't even notice when the first of them was beheaded. That only came when Dagon heaved the head into their midst and showered them with the dead boy's innards.

They began to panic, spreading out along the walls, beating feebly at the stone in search of any means of escape. There was none. One by one they were silenced as Dagon appeared from the shadows only long enough to tear someone in half or bite off a head. The room grew quieter in stages, until only one whimpering human, lying in a fetal position in six inches' depth of gore, remained. Sated on the blood of the others, Dagon took its time with the last.

The vampire asked the lone survivor's name, only to discover to its disgust that he went by the nickname "Roy Boy", and asked his profession only to learn that he had provided the drugs. Dagon bit off Roy Boy's hands, and chewed the nose off his face, before bearing him to the surface and leaving him where he would be found. It amused the vampire to imagine the idiot's total lack of marketable skills now being compounded by disfigurement and disability, but felt confident the wretch would nevertheless prove useful in the end.

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